Things covered in THIRDWHEEL Regular Servicing

 September 30, 2018


Isn’t it a wish of every rider to keep their bike/scooter in its tip-top state??  And for maintenance of bike in good condition, regular servicing of bike/scooter is the main key. As a motorcyclists, you might feel hectic searching for bike servicing in baneshwor, bike servicing in koteshwor, bike servicing in tinkune, bike servicing in bhaktapur, bike servicing in lalitpur and other many places. That's why, for the ease of today’s working class segment of public, bike servicing as well as repair and maintenance, now, has been made simpler and hassle free by online bike/scooter servicing app "ThirdWheel". With one single tap on your mobile, the bike mechanic comes to your doorstep in order to provide door step bike servicing. The servicing rate which we had offered isn’t that expensive from that of the market rate and pricing is transparent as well.

Basically two types of servicing are offered by "ThirdWheel" based on type of service requests by customers. They are:

  1. Regular Bike Servicing
  2. Emergency Bike Servicing

To make our customers clear, the services covered in ThirdWheel regular servicing are:

  1. Test drive the bike or scooter , if required for reported troubles
  2. Wash and clean the bike or scooter
  3. Inspect choke operation
  4. Inspect and clean spark plug and adjust gap, if necessary
  5. Replace engine oil and clean oil strainer screen
  6. Inspect secondary air supply system and clean secondary air filter
  7. Inspect brake shoes/pads wear
  8. Check battery voltage
  9. Inspect head light focusing, adjust if required
  10. Check wheels movement and correct tire pressure
  11. Inspect steering for smooth movement
  12. Waxing of your bike or scooter for shine


*Bike servicing/repair price may vary in accordance to the bike model.

We promise you that servicing will be provided with utmost care.

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